„Behind every scene, Petra Kaindel reveals the state of mind of her protagonists,

the truth behind the masks”

M.A. Heidemarie Weixler-Unterer

art historian


petra  KAINDEL  contemporary art


The artist Petra Kaindel tells stories in a single moment.


She paints the beautiful surface – and the little cracks between. The look beneath.

A journey into the world of soul, touching, beautiful, sometimes irritating.

She tells about happiness, sorrow, light, darkness. Joy. Sadness. Soul under the skin.


Everything flowing into her without filter, flows on the canvas or a piece of paper – and into the faces of her protagonists.


The artist paints who she is, what she experiences, what surrounds her. The paintings are stages of her emotional memories. In her art, nothing has to be loud, ugly, not overloaded or provocative.

A look that touches your heart, is all that she needs.



Günther Oberhollenzer, curator, excerpt of opening speech / solo show of the artist, 3rd May 2018, Dom Gallery, Wiener Neustadt, Austria


“We cannot escape the modern Babylon” says the artist and means the feeling of being in a hamster wheel, the pressure of being constantly available.

What I love about Kaindels work that she looks at these modern topics and then shows this development through a very traditional and contemplative medium of painting.

In this multimedia society where we are bombarded by an overwhelming amount of images everyday which we won’t remember, there’s an increasing need for paintings that can outlast time.”


Today, we do not live in the moment anymore, instead we save everything in our virtual memory – the more LIKES you get, the more important it feels, the more you think you lived in the moment. But you didn’t.”

In a world where everything is posted on social media and every private moment publicized, the need to connect with analog painting pictures has become necessary.

In this high-tech world, I recognize an increasing need to authentic works of art and paintings that reflect the artists’ personality.”




petra  KAINDEL  zeitgenössische kunst


Wenn Petra Kaindel malt, erzählt sie Geschichten. Sie zeigt die schöne Fassade - und die kleinen Risse dazwischen.  Der unwillkürliche Blick dahinter. Eine Reise in die Welt der Seele, berührend, schön, verstörend zuweilen.

Das Glück, das Leid, das Licht, die Dunkelheit. Freude. Trauer. Seele unter der Haut.


Alles, was ungefiltert in sie hineinfließt, fließt auf die Leinwand oder auf ein Stück Papier und in die Gesichter ihrer Protagonisten.


Die Künstlerin malt, wer sie ist, was sie erlebt, was sie umgibt. Die Bilder sind Stationen ihrer emotionalen Erinnerungen. In ihrer Kunst muss nichts laut, muss nichts hässlich sein, nicht übermäßig bunt, nicht übertrieben provokativ.

Es reicht ein Blick, der mitten ins Herz trifft.